Shortlisted n°5 – 111 East Grand

This is the first multi-story office building in North America to employ dowel laminated timber (DLT), a mass timber system relying on a friction-fit bond between softwood dimensional lumber and hardwood dowels. The 65,000-sf building occupies a high-visibility 265’ x 65’ urban site. Retail spaces activate the street level with three floors of office space […]

Shortlisted n°4 – Sensations building

The Séquences Bois team choose this project for the challenge it exemplifies. Indeed, it reaches 38 meters high with 11 storeys totally built in timber, on a concrete basis. Devoid of concrete cores for the circulations, the difficulty was to withstand the sismic horizontal forces, 3 to 5 times stronger that the wind forces. Made […]

Shortlisted n°3 – Vasaplan

The robustly spatial, well-articulated structure defines and clarifies a complex situation. The transport hub has been reimagined as a worthy entrance to the city of Umeå. Placing the structure in the middle has divided the broad thoroughfare into two well-proportioned street spaces with clear flows and simple navigation. The structure of the building embraces the […]

Shortlisted n°2 – Lighthouse Joensuu

Penttilänranta shore in Joensuu has a new landmark: the tallest wooden apartment building in Finland, rising to almost 50 metres at 14 storeys. The increased need for student housing in the Joensuu area has been met through efficient land use and high-rise construction. The city’s zoning plan specified that the plot in question needed to […]

Shortlisted n°1 – The Swatch Headquarters

In 2011 Shigeru Ban, winner of the Pritzker Prize, won the Swatch Group’s architectural competition for the new Swatch headquarters, the new Omega Manufacture and the “Cité du Temps” in Biel/Bienne. Opened in 2019, the headquarters promise to become an effective advertising landmark with an exceptional radiance. The sensational design breaks with the conventions of […]