Jutta Glanzmann
Studied architecture at the ETH Zurich, diploma 1998.

Editor and responsible editor (e.g. for the magazine «Umbauen and Renovieren»).
Research associate at the Institute for Local, Regional and State Planning (ORL) at the ETH Zurich and at the Institute for theHistory and Theory of Architecture (gta) at the ETH Zurich.
Journalistic work as freelance author for various magazines and newspapers in architecture; Publication of books (e.g.Flora Steiger Crawford 1899-1991, 2003, gta Verlag).
2003 to 2007: Head of Communications at Schweizerische Zentralstelle für Baurationalisierung (CRB).
2009 to 2017:Journalist at Faktor Journalisten, Zurich.
2014 to 2017: Head of Faktor Verlag, Zurich (e.g. publishing«Holzbau – mehrgeschossig»).
2017 to 2018: Headof Communications at the School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomaticsof the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland(FHNW).
Since March 2019 Responsible for technical communication for planners at Lignum(e.g. publisher of the magazine«Holzbulletin»)


Since 1979, the Bulletin bois by Lignum is published four times a year in French, and German under the title <Holzbulletin>. Each edition deals with a particular theme and presents exceptional innovative achievements, with plans, sketches and illustrations. The choice of the selected objects reflects the actuality, thanks to regular exchanges with the offices of architects and engineers. Innovative or rediscovered construction methods, new building materials and interior designs are discussed, as are the latest trends in wood construction and wood use.
Lignum, headquartered in Zurich, is an umbrella organization of Swiss forestry and timber associations and organizations, as well as other sectors interested in the timber industry.



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